Agreed Value


  • Up to $1,500 p.w. are agreed-value contracts
  • Automatically included
  • We do not charge extra for this

Business Expense Inclusion

  • Free business expense Inclusion
  • All insured amounts over $1,500 p.w
  • Fixed business expenses included

100% of Insured Amount

  • 100% not the standard 85%
  • Up to $1500 p.w.
  • Available to newly self-employed
  • Ages up to 70

Amateur Sport Covered!

  • All codes of football such as AFL, rugby league and rugby union
  • Snow sports
  • Marital arts

Vocation Specific Cover

  • Agreed value options up to $1500 p.w.
  • Motorcycle cover whilst working on farms
  • Business expense inclusion to ensure you receive your complete income ( non-agreed value)
  • Ask us about your vocation!

Motorcycles now covered

  • Working on farmlands
  • Now covered on all roads mapped for vehicles
  • Including unsealed

No age bias

  • Now offer all cover options to age 70
  • Over 70 available on referral

No financials at claim time

  • For all agreed value contracts
  • Ensures quick and easy experience for claimants


We are continually innovating to ensure we have the best Accident & Sickness product in the market.


Experience the Point difference.

Our sole goal is to do Accident and Sickness differently. Not just be another “me too” product.

Utilising our extensive experience we have improved the product offering, whilst ensuring market leading rates.

We are continually working with our brokers to innovate and keep developing accident and sickness products that are better for their clients.


Online quote, bind & manage.

  • No application form required, click here to get started
  • Developed with busy brokers in mind
  • Quote and Bind process is incredibly simple
  • Minimal keying of data
  • Obtain an inclusive quote before having to enter any personal information about the prospective client


Register now for BindSure and commence your first quote and compare the difference.

David Fogarty, Managing Director
Point Insurance is driven to make an impact in the Underwriting market by providing exceptional service and quality products.
David Fogarty, Managing Director.
Debra Crowe, General Manager
Our claims process is centred around brokers and their clients. Pro-active, communicative and professional.
Debra Crowe, General Manager.