Getting Started

Go to (or click the below button)

  1. Click the login button in the top right
  2. You will then be redirected to the secure BindSure portal

Top Tip! Bookmark this URL in your browser!

Log into BindSure via our website

BindSure LogIn

  • Use your unique credentials to gain access.
  • This would have been emailed to you during the sign-up process.
  • Contact us if you need your credential’s resent

Forgot your password? – click the link to securely change using your password using your email address

Here you can;

  • Start a new Quote
  • View your most recent policies or quotes
  • Read BindSure Updates or news

Polices and Quotes

On this screen you can;

  • View your most recent Polices and Quotes
  • Easily change policy status – for example – from quote to active policy
  • Or Click on a policy to view more information

New Quote

⇢ Commence a new quote
⇢ Our easy to use online rater means it only takes a minute or 2

Creating a New Quote

  1. Some brokers may need to select Broker Group as the first step
  2. The product tiles will then appear
  3. Select product for your quote

Select Terms

  • Easy to use
  • Handy dropdown menus or check boxes make it quick for you

Select Occupation

  • Start typing in occupation
  • Then select occupation from the dropdown menu

❗ If you required occupation is not listed please contact the helpful Point team

Complete Terms Selection

  • State is required here to apply the appropriate stamp duty related to insured’s state of residence
  • Select start date of policy, up to 6 months from todays’ date

❗ You cannot back date a policy – please contact us for any queries

Insured Details

Easy to use data input fields

  • Address auto lookup ensures it quick and simple to enter an address
  • Start typing the full address, starting with;
    • unit ( if applicable)
    • Then street number
    • Then street
    • Then click on address from the dropdown menu

Check and Confirm Quote


Edit the quote at this stage

→Eye symbol to view quote terms

→Pencil symbol to edit this quote

→X to delete the quote

Bind Quote

  • You will see this change of screen once policy is activated
  • Automatically you will be emailed the Policy documentation

Your quote has now been saved! From here you can

  • Bind your quote making it a policy
  • View quote, then print or save as PDF
  • Amend quote
  • Start a new Quote