These documents all play a role in explaining how the insurance policy would work for you.

Target Market Determinations

 On 5 October 2021, the Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) will come into effect for our Personal Accident and Sickness related insurance products.

We are currently considering our obligations to ensure we meet these new requirements and, by 5 October 2021, our Target Market Determinations (TMD) for our PA&S products will be available upon request.

Our TMD will describe:

  • The category of customer that comprise the target market for each of our PA&S products;
  • Any restrictions on how the product can be distributed to customers;
  • Why, when and how we will review our TMD for each product.

Downloading these documents

These documents are current at the time you visit our site. We will update these as changes are made.

If you have an existing policy, please refer to the documents from the time you purchased or renewed the policy, as these will be the conditions that apply to you.

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